A&D Challenge Men's Top 5

1. Alexis Banuelos (-9.2%)

2. Jose Alvarez (-4%)

3. Adrian Luna (-3.5)

4.Brian Melancon (-2.9%)

5. Malcom Williams (-2.4)

A&D Challenge WOmen's Top 5

1. Maria Alanis (-6.7%)

2. Kelsea Knight (-6.5%)

3. Breahna Cordova (-4.4%)

4. Carmen Acosta (-4.1%)

5. Stephaine Kovar (-3.7)

What is A&D's Transformation Challenge?

A&D's Transformation Challenge is a 12-Week fat-loss challenge to raise awareness in East Texas about living a health and fitness lifestyle. The challenge is based on body fat percentage dropped overall. The way the results will be read is through an innovating Body Analysis Machine, our Evolt 360. This challenge has top 2 Male and Female winners with the opportunity to win cash prizes! All participants who sign up before January 14th, 2024 will receive an A&D Transformation t-shirt and goody bags from the challenge sponsors. For more details scroll below.


All check-ins will be done in-person at A&D Nutrition and Vitamins. 3007 S. John Redditt Dr. Suite A. Lufkin, Tx 75904.

Official Check-In: Official check-in will be January 27th (Saturday) starting at 8am. All participants will receive a nutrition plan (upon request) at the first check-in unless you are working with an online coach or personal trainer during this challenge.

Progress Update Check-In Dates:

February 17th (Saturday): Starting at 8am.

March 9th (Saturday): Starting at 8am.

March 30th (Saturday): Starting at 8am.

April 20th (Saturday)- FINAL CHECK-IN: Final check-in will take place at Fifth Quarter Performance at 8am. Winners will be announced at 1pm during the FQP event. Address to event: 2109 W. Frank Ave. Lufkin, Tx 75904.


1ST PLACE: $1,000 CASH


A&D's Challenge Sponsors