Theory of Shape and Toning Your Body

Theory of Shape and Toning Your Body
Q: Plateau, Plateau, Plateau? Why?
A: The last thing you want is to run 5-6 miles a day and still can’t get the number on the scale to drop or body fat not getting any lower. Your body is made to ADAPT to its circumstances so that it increases its %%% for survival. Understanding that is very important when dieting and exercising.

Q: Why do EXTREME DIETS work temporarily then afterwards you rebound?
A: When you eat a low calorie extreme diet plan your body begins to adapt its BMR (basal metabolic rate) to burn at lower calorie levels. You will drop the weight while your body adjusts but after that you plateau and the pounds slowly go up developing a “slow” or “damaged” metabolism. The goal is to stay on the higher end of a calorie deficit and every 1-2 weeks slowly reduce calories. Once you’ve reached your “shape & tone” goal (takes anywhere from 4 - 20 weeks depending on body fat %) slowly start adding calories back every 1-2 weeks until you’ve reached your maintenance calorie set point. Stop by A&D Nutrition for guidance on how to start the process.

Q: “My cardio routine is just not working! 😩”
A: Starting out with excess cardio causes your body to not only burn fat but you become catabolic (breakdown of muscle)and you burn too many calories for your body to recover itself. In the end you’re left with running 5-6 miles a day and playing cat🐈 and mouse🐀 with your body fat %. Like nutrition your body adapts to its circumstances and the only way to break that plateau is to do even more overwhelming cardio or workouts. The goal is to start off light and keep your nutrition strict. Then slowly every 1-2 weeks add more time to your cardio.

Your main goal is to preserve as much of your muscle tissue allowing your body fat to burn off giving you that “shape & tone” look you desire.

Q: What Supplements can be used??
A: Anabolics, BCAA/EAA’s, Glutamine, 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin, protein powders, and creatine are a few options we have at A&D Nutrition. Their purpose all in all is to increase recovery and repair your muscle tissue increasing your results a little bit faster.